I've got so many thoughts bumping around in my head and suddenly I see this picture of this girl and she is wearing chinos with moccasins and an orange bag and all I keep thinking is I want her bangs. Bangs. Had them as a child, you know, the thick ones that hide your face and I just feel the urge to hide away these, float away and just not be seen. There are days when I wish I'd just throw on a burqa (does anyone really throw on a burqa?) because it would be much easier to hide and look at the world without exposure. I'm sure I've written about this before, unpublished in my journal (a nice leather one from Barnes and Noble, with a string that ties it shut, as if that could keep anyone from looking inside). But bangs, yes I remember that they don't suit me. No, no. My forehead is far too small, just like my patience in the morning. But that orange bag I want. For sure. It's not so much a bag as a satchel. I've just been so fond of satchels these days. Especially orange ones, like the sun when it's the hottest. Orange, like burnt saffron.

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