Someone once told me that if you want to survive the loneliness in Saudi, you need to make friends your own age. No matter how nice my in-laws are, I still yearned for the company of a 20 something-newly married-no string of kids behind him/her-Arab/Western couple. My Saudi neighbor is such a doll, but going shopping with her ultimately leads to the Baby Gap. Don't get me wrong, I love staring at baby clothes as much as the next lady, but my intrigue lasts for a maximum of ten minutes before I start eyeing Zara across the mall. When I go shopping with my 30 something sister-in-law, her kids have to throw a fit in the middle of H&M, which leaves me embarrassed and her on the verge of tears.

After I started working, I met a lot of wonderful ladies, but they were either:
a.) much older with kids in high school/ college OR
b.) pregnant or with kids under the age of 4

Recently, a newcomer joined our staff to my delight. She was just what I was searching for: 20 something, newly married (no kids), new to Riyadh, an Arab who studied in Canada with a husband with a strong penchant for modern furniture (JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND). She invited us over last night in an effort to get our husbands to become best friends, and I think it went well!

I truly believe God brings certain people in our lives at just the right time. Alhamdulilah.

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