Work and Weight Gain

I've recently started working as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) high school teacher, so my time has been divided between home and work. I feel so old these days--learning how to cook a quick meal in under 30 minutes and grading exams while watching Dexter. I feel that a show about blood spats and murder is appropriate while I read run-on sentences and misspellings.

Ever since I've started working, I've been a lot less cranky at home. I no longer pick fights with my husband over clorox and garbage cans. (It's a long story, you had to be there. I swear it seemed like a worthy cause at the time.) The problem with staying at home all day is twofold: boredom and excess weight gain. I must say, I was getting all too familiar with the cast of CSI NY. It got to the point where I would get angry if they repeated the same episode in the same day. Really? Like, you had to keep me hanging? I don't even like tv that much, except for my go to shows that I stream online (and I can assure you, CSI is not one of them). Anyway, my second point. Weight gain. Due to the unbearable heat tight, body-hugging clothes are just not an option. Breezy, free-flowing attire is lovely until one day you can't fit into your skinny jeans anymore... Initially, a month into your stay in Riyadh, you feel pleasantly plump and radiant (It's just sweat). Your newly acquired curves are endearing and the long, loose, BLACK abaya is undeniably flattering. Two months later and you're crying on your bed wondering how you managed to gain 5 kilos in so short of a time. I'll tell you why. Mayonnaise. Arabs love to slather mayonnaise on EVERYTHING. They hand out mayonnaise packets with everything you buy, even if it's just a bottle of coke. What ever happened to olive oil? Tahini sauce, ever heard of it? Another reason? Greasy, salty french fries (which Saudis dip in mayonnaise, of course). Third reason? Portion sizes. I noticed that a small meal is not even possible in fast food chains. 64 ounces of a soft drink is just not okay. Finally, Riyadh is just not built for walking. People walk slowly and leisurely...inside of malls.

Needless to say, I'm on a mayonnaise and french fry-free diet.

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Falaxy said...

it's so easy to gain weight in KSA : ( so much yummy food to eat and so little activity : (