First Impressions

To say that Riyadh is hot is an understatement. On a good day, it is around 105 Degrees Fahrenheit AT NIGHT. Stepping out of the airport, I felt a blanket of hot air envelope me, as if I was standing behind a fume-emitting truck. With that being said, the air conditioning everywhere lets you momentarily forget you are basically living in a desert.

One thing I noted right away were the beautiful, modern buildings in the North of Riyadh. No two buildings are alike, each is built with what seems to be a very specific and well thought out design. The Kingdom and Faisaliyah Towers reign supreme among all the rest, complete with restaurants, office spaces and shopping malls (of course).

I've come at a lovely time during the holy month of Ramadan; life has been turned upside for Saudis and expats alike. The workload is less strenuous during the day and the city comes alive at night. I never thought I would be shopping at 1:30 am and I'm not going to lie, I love it.

More thoughts to come!

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